Alex Flett: Kirkcudbright International Arts Festival 2007 (Page 3).

The documentation of the 2007 International Festival is extensive. Together with the previous 2004 Festival and the 1998 one, the amount of documentation imagery is considerable. Should there ever be another Festival; a separate site for these images will be constructed. Each Festival meant 18 months of work in planning, raising sponsorship, and turning venues which were never designed as galleries into workable exhibition spaces. However bringing artists from various corners of the world to perform and exhibit in a small Scottish town has been, although a major logistical problem, worth it.

Festival 2007 photos Marion Lavabre 007.jpg   Wendy Festival Images 011.jpg   Setting up See Shore by Meg Walker. Festival 2007..jpg

Above left: behind the scenes at Anino Shadow Theatre. Above centre: Paintings by Don Salubayba. Above right: Wendy Bibby and Yasmin Flett installing “See Shore” by Meg Walker.

Woman and Child ceramic pot. Tshego Tomeletso (Botswana) Festival 2007..jpg       Wendy Festival Images 014.jpg       TogetherWeStandTophamVickers.jpg        Festival 2007. hanging peice by Naomi Hart. photo Marion Lavabre. Parish Church Hall, 2007..jpg

Above left: “Mother and child ceramic”, Tshego Tomeletso (Botswana). Above left centre: Wendy Bibby. Above right centre: Topham Vickers. Above right: Naomi Hart.

Festival 2007. Anino Shadow Theatre. Photo Marion Lavabre.-1.jpg      slater st L1.jpg      320703523_42497791f4_o.jpg

Above left: Anino Shadow Theatre (Marc Cosico and Don Salubayba) backstage. Above centre: Pauline Saul. Above right: Jennifer Scott, poet, reading from Women for Children.

Don and Marc Festival  Documentation 135.jpg   Festival 2007 photos Marion Lavabre 051.jpg   Festival 2007 photos Marion Lavabre 003.jpg

Above left: Amy Winstanley. Above centre: Nonto Ntombela (South Africa) reading from the Women for Children print and poetry portfolio. Above right: back stage, Anino Shadow Theatre