Alex Flett: The Kirkcudbright International Festival 2007 (Page 1).

The 2007 Festival introduced artists to Kirkcudbright from a variety of countries, and also reinforced its 2004 links with artists from South Africa. It also introduced such forms as video art and shadow theatre into the context of the town’s history as an Artists’ colony.  The Festival Committee would like to thank the photographers Marion Lavabre (France) and Oliver Dobbin (Scotland) who created the vast majority of the Festival documentation. Also Naomi Hart, who’s unfailing good humour and hard work in designing the posters and marketing material kept everyone on course.

“Being Projects Director of the Festival gave me the opportunity to work with artists of extraordinary talent, and the energy and commitment which all these artists showed was an inspiration not only for me personally, but for all who visited and saw the work they created.”

Artist Wendy Bibby. building the screens Cochran Hall. Festival 2007..jpg     Dancer Ghyslaine Gau with banner. Parish Church Hall. Festival 2007..jpg    Don Salubayba (Philippines) with work. Festival 2007..jpg     Darren Farquhar and Petra Pennington. Performance piece - Humanaotaur 2007..jpg

Above left: Wendy Bibby, Ayrshire, Scotland, helping prepare the Cochran Hall. Left centre: dancer Ghyslaine Gau from France. Right centre: Don Salubayba, Manila, Philippines.

Far right: Petra Pennington and Darren Farquhar, Scotland.

Below left to right: Marc Cosico (Philippines). Installation image Kirkcudbright Parish Church Hall. Poet, Marie Pete (South Africa). Installation image Parish Church Hall.

Festival  Documentation 2007. Setting up Cochran Hall..jpg   Festival 2007 Installation photo by Marion Lavabre (France), Parish Church Hall. Festival 2007..jpg   Festival 2007. Portrait of the South African poet, Mari Pete. Photo Marion Lavabre..jpg   Festival 2007 Installation photo by Marion Lavabre. parish Church Hall..jpg


Two main exhibition areas were created. One area courtesy of Kirkcudbright Academy, in the Cochran Hall, and the second courtesy of Kirkcudbright Parish Church, in the Parish Hall. In the Parish Church Hall were all female artists and the work included the Women for Children print and poetry portfolio created in South Africa by Art for Humanity. The space and screens in the parish Church Hall were constructed in such a way as to be capable of quickly being converted to holding talks, poetry readings, dance performance, and shadow theatre.

Festival 2007. Installation image, Cochran Hall..jpg   Installation image Cochran Hall 2007.jpg   Festival 2007. West African photos taken by Marion Lavabre (France). Parish Church Hall..jpg

Above left to right: Installation image Cochran Hall. Installation image Cochran Hall. Photos of West Africa by Marion Lavabre (France).


Installation image Parish Church Hall. Pot in foregound by Tshego Tomeletso, Botswana..jpg      Installation image Parish Church Hall 2007.jpg

Above left and right: Installation images, Parish Church Hall.


Simon Olding lecture Festival 2007..jpg      Richard Demarco. lecture, Festival 2007..jpg

Above left: Simon Olding speaking on “Craft: a review of meanings, messages and misbehaviour” Parish Church Hall.

Above right: Richard Demarco speaking on “New beginnings are in the offing” Beuys and Scotland, Cochran Hall stage.