Alex Flett: Durban Odyssey 2007.

Durban Odyssey was a solo exhibition curated by Nonto Ntombela and held at the Durban

th th

University of Technology Gallery from the 13 November to 15 December 2007. The

following pages are taken from the exhibition catalogue. The show reflected the many

visits to Durban which the artist had undertaken since 2000.

Below: catalogue cover


Above: Forward to the exhibition catalogue written by Jan Jordaan, Director of the South

African art charity Art for Humanity.



Below: These notes were added to the catalogue from the artist’s notebook.

The above lines from the notebook were used as a means of setting up the following

question and answer session with Nonto Ntombela.



Although the show was held in late 2007, the conversation was one which was held

starting in the spring of that year and continued through the 2007 Kirkcudbright

International Arts Festival in the summer of that year.




Due to a variety of circumstances, the work with the University of Strathclyde Collins

Gallery didn’t make it into an exhibition format. However, the DNA charts have been

added to by new MRI scans and these are still developing and the results will be exhibited

in the future.



The spiral based work can be seen manifested in the Geology I and II art works, and these

have a connection in a work which first made as far back as 1969 which was unfortunately

accidentally destroyed. Recently however, this work was rebuilt and can be seen on this

web site on the page marked “Snail.”