Three Kings.

The artist describes Three Kings as “One of the works which seem to go on forever.” Originally conceived and started for Celtic Odyssey in 1996 but never finished, although it was exhibited in Ayr and in Brussells as a work in progress. The piece is based not on the three kings of biblical legend but a 10th century battle where three kings all died and which was happened near the artists home village of Findochty. The artists name sake the artist Alec E Flett who also came from Findochty built a pub in the 1960’s in the town of Cullen called the Three Kings, and there are rocks on the beach at Cullen which have the same name.

Legend has it that the Kings are buried somewhere on the Muir of Findochty.





The “bodies” of the original Kings were quite plain and minimal, although their crowns were highly coloured.



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Kings 013.JPG



Kings 023.JPG


The Three Kings on exhibition in “Kirkcudbright Works 1995 – 2012” at the Tollbooth Art centre Kirkcudbright in 2012