Alex Flett, 2005. Giant Magnetic Fish

In 2005 I was asked to create an Environmental work for the Norwegian City of Molde by Ingermette Stenseth of 360 Hub. The result was Giant Magnetic Fish.

Giant magnetic Fish 4.jpg       Giant Magnetic Fish.jpg


The interactive work was designed to played by all, and was set up in a small square next to the Fjord. It is still brought out and used at various different times of the year.

GMF Molde 2005.jpg        Giant magnetic Fish 2.jpg

The work was built from thin painted plywood, and the fishing rods were cut from trees on the mountains around the town. I found a very strong small magnet in Belgium and this was fitted into a bolt and screw system and attached to the end of the fishing line. The magnet, barely the size of a one euro piece would lift several kilos if necessary. A small piece of metal was fixed to the nose of each fish and the result was that everyone, even those who are quite small could manage to lift a fish.

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