Alex Flett; 1997 – 1999.

New work became added and subtracted from the Celtic Odyssey format which led to a second show in the European Parliament, but this time in Brussels rather than in Strasbourg. First though, several of the works were exhibited in Darlington in North East England. But by Jan 1999, the work was in Brussels. February saw it move to Bruges (where it became titled Aspects), March Maastricht, and in early April into the studio home of the Jazz Saxophonist, Noah Howard. Later in April, the show came back to Scotland and was seen in the MacLaurin Gallery in Ayr.

  By far the most interesting show was in the home of Noah Howard and Lieve Fransen. The idea of putting an art show into a musician’s house, if only for a day, was a quite fascinating experience. Noah, Lieve and I had become friends while the work was in the Brussels Parliament, and Noah played free Jazz in the middle of the exhibition which was held in the round space of the Salle Polyvalante .

Below: Noah’s Ark. Photographed in Darlington in 1998.


Below left: Noah Howard playing in front of the Brussels exhibition January 1999.

Below right: Noah playing, showing pebble, a beach version of the Bannog Bags comprising of stones from 12 different beaches in Scotland.


noah-1-crop.jpg  noah-perf.jpg 

euro-parl1.jpg Left: The Salle Polyvalante 1999.


Below left: Angels live in corners (with the Staff for the road to Miekle Seggie), Brussels 1999.

Below right: Angels live in corners, Bruges 1999.


angels.jpg    angels2.jpg

gallery1.jpg Left: Angels live in corners in Lochfergus House 1999.

In April 1999, a set of charcoal drawings was created in situ at the MacLaurin Gallery in Ayr called “Flag”

flag1.jpg flag2.jpg flag3.jpg  flag4.jpg 

flag5.jpg flag6.jpg flag7.jpg flag8.jpg

flag9.jpg flag10.jpg flag11.jpg flag12.jpg