Alex Flett; the Lochfergus House studio.

In December 1994, I moved the family and studio were moved from Udny to Lochfergus House outside of Kirkcudbright. Contrary to the belief of some, the move was one related to economics and space, rather than anything to do with the idea of Kirkcudbright as an artists’ colony or its later appellation as Scotland’s artists’ town. The art critic Waldemar Januszczak in speaking of Pont Aven has described the idea of an artists’ colony as “frightful” and is in my own mind, a contradiction in terms which does nothing to serve art. As someone who had close association with artists living in and around St Ives while I was a student, I never heard any of them refer to the town in such terms. However, the extra space afforded by Lochfergus House has meant the ability to cope with living space for three daughters, studio, storage, office space, and all under one roof.

Studio 1995.jpg Left: Early days at Lochfergus in 1995.

Below left: Dancer drawings and nude studies 1995 Below right: Documenting the dancer based works made between 1993 and into 1995

Doc Lochfergus 2.jpg  Documenting 1995.jpg

Below left: Studio 1995. Below right: cutting and drawing the dancer woodblocks using a power drill 1995.

Studio 1995 No 2.jpg  af-instudio-95-2.jpg

During 1995 the work continued to revolve around dancers but a change was on its way led by the woodblocks, of moving into three dimensional space.