Alex Flett; Keith in Moray 1983 -1989

Having decided to put myself back to the school of me, and having recently got married in 1982, I decided to begin by making studies of Eunice. At the time we were living in the town of Keith in Moray, and I would quickly convert the living room of our small house into a studio, returning it to living room in the evenings. I got the idea for this from a story about the artist Jasper Johns, which was told to me by the artist Edward Halter Meneeley. Apparently in his early days John used the same daily studio/living area conversion system with his apartment. The drawings of Eunice were made as studies rather than for exhibition, but in the last two years, as I write in 2010, they have become more important as they have formed the basis of the new carvings “Eve” and “Pregnant Venus”.

Below Left: Detail of Eunice pregnant 1982/3    Below Right: Eunice pregnant 1985                                             

Study Eunice pregnant 1982-3 detail.jpg                Nude study pregnant 1985.jpg 


life-drawing2.jpg Left: Eunice pregnant 1988.   Nude Drawing 1984.jpg Left: Nude study 1984.


Eunice 1983.jpg Left: Portrait of Eunice, oil on canvas 1983.


Still Life 1985.jpg Left: Still life, watercolour and gouache 1985.